Uniform Issuing Schedule? During summer band camp

What the Student is Issued? There are two separate uniforms for band members. Marching uniforms include coat, pants, gauntlets, hat, plume, hat box, and garment bag. Concert uniform for males is tux coat and pants, and for females, a black dress.

What the Student Provides? Drill master shoes,  t-shirt, shorts, and gloves for marching uniform, tuxedo shirt, bow tie for concert uniform.

What to Bring to Football Games? Official shorts and t-shirt, water jug, black socks, drill masters.

Rain Plans? On Fridays, always bring khaki shorts or blue jeans (will be announced), a belt, and the current show shirt to wear in case of rain. This will be announced during or after school on Friday.

Cleaning? Marching Uniforms are washed by the Uniform Team
Concert Uniforms are cleaned locally.
Guard Costumes are washed/cleaned by the Guard Costume Team
Parents not on one of the uniform teams are not responsible for having their student’s uniform cleaned.