The Mustang Band is now using the CHARMS system!!
This software system is used by many school organizations around the country.  It will allow us to easily track student and parent information, communicate more easily with volunteers, provide timely information about events, manage forms, inventory, uniforms and music as well as provide student financial information.

We are thrilled and hope you will be as well!  While many of CHARMS functions will be utilized by the directors and various committee chairpersons in the background, there is an entire section devoted to parents and students.

You can now update your student’s information, view the calendar of events, identify any forms that require completion and view your financial statements online under a secure password driven system.

Parents & Students:  Maintain current information in CHARMS.   Our communication with you via emails will be generated from the data in CHARMS.  If you aren’t receiving it, odds are the information is not correct in CHARMS.

CHARMS Parent & Student Access –

CHARMS can be accessed using one of the links above or from the home page of our website under Useful Links or at the CHARMS Logo.

Your Student’s Password is their FISD Student ID number (in most cases).

If you have troubles with the number, please email me at with your student’s FISD ID Number and I will ensure it is updated quickly.

If, at any time, you need our SchoolCode, it is “MustangBand“.

Update Your Student’s Information – In CHARMS, you will see a Personal Info button.  Please take a moment now to update as much information as you can which includes both Student and Adult information.  This will save you and us time during the registration process. You will be asked for this information during Registration if it is not already updated in CHARMS.  Please keep it updated as your data changes.

Update your Email Addresses!!  You have three email address options in the Personal Info section – your student and two adult emails. This system will be replacing the existing Band email system. If you do not include emails in the new system you will not receive the email notifications you are currently receiving. Please ensure you enter email(s) that you or your student read often.

Make an online PaymentPayPal can be reached from CHARMS by clicking on the Finances button from the main menu.  There are two methods to pay your fees:

1) Mark the items you would like to pay and click Pay Fees.

2) Make a Miscellaneous Payment if you need to capture a credit on your account or if the item you would like to pay for is not listed.  Clearly identify what fee you are paying if it does not appear in the fee section.  Once received, the Treasurer will apply the miscellaneous payments to clear the necessary fees.

Making one of the above choices will take you to the PayPal website. PayPal will accept credit card, debit card and/or debits from your bank account.  If you wish to pay by credit card or debit card, you do not have to establish an account with PayPal. You will be given the option on the PayPal screen to either login to your PayPal account or continue without logging in.

Please note: a convenience fee will be assessed to any PayPal payment (credit card, debit card, paypal bank account, etc.),  so please take that into consideration when making your payments using this method.   You always have the option to write MBBC a check or pay by cash!  For additional information, please see information on our website about making Payments to Band under the Booster Club.

Other Payment MethodsClick Here

Take a Moment to Look Around! You can view the Band Calendar and Events, view your Student’s Financial purchases and Statements to date, make payments via PayPal for fees, and view and download Forms and other information under Handouts!

Let us know if you encounter any problems or issues at

CHARMS Administrative Access

Band Administrative access for CHARMS is accessed through  Login with User Name/Password under Teachers/Helpers.

This area of CHARMS is for Directors, Board Members, and other committees as determined by the Directors & Board to allow management of our Band information.