2013-2014 Band Information

On July 2 & 3, we will have marching band practice for the 4th of July parade. Each day will start at 8:00am and end at noon. This will take place at the high school band hall. Students need to eat before they come so they have energy. If they want to bring a mid morning snack that is alright too. I recommend not drinking milk for breakfast because it will be hot outside. I would also caution against greasy food for breakfast as well.

Student’s should wear the following. (this is required)
1. white t-shirt
2. shorts with pockets for valuable personal items
3. tennis shoes
4. baseball cap
5. sunglasses
6. sun screen

Student’s should bring the following:
1. outside marching instrument
2. Patriotic Spectacular music (this is what we march to)
3. Big water jug full of cold water
4. lyre (this has to be purchased at a local music store)

We will finish promptly at noon each day so please plan your student’s transportation accordingly.

Usually on July 4, we warmup at 9:30am in the parking lot by Ace Hardware/TCBY Yogart. The parade begins there at 10:00am and ends at Stevenson Park. Students MUST have their own transportation to and from the parade. All drums, large brass instruments, etc., should go home Tuesday after our practice. After the parade, all instruments should go home as well. CASES are required for all instruments to protect them. NOTE: Cases may not be left at the parking lot where we warmup, they must be kept in the car. Monday, July 8, the band hall will be open for lessons so large school owned instruments can be returned then if need be.

The 4th of July t-shirts and new shorts should be delivered in time to wear in the parade. If you have any questions, please email me.

FYI: July 1, the band hall will not be open for lessons.

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